Ways to Make Money During the Holidays


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It started for me one day when I realized I just wanted to earn extra money for the holidays and what happened next has completely changed my life.


First off, I want to say that I already had my own business. It was doing okay, but I was pretty much just making ends meet and I could never seem to really get ahead. I’d also been doing it forever and I was just really bored with the same thing day in and day out.


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christmas presentsI happened to type a search request in Google, “make money off christmas”. I wanted to see what was out there that I do to have some extra holiday cash to get the kids something really nice.


One of the search results that came up was a website called “Wealthy Affiliate“. Now, before you do anything else…click on that link and sign up for a FREE account. Don’t leave here without at least doing that. You will never regret it.


I did the same thing and I’ve never looked back.


It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme at all, but it took me to a new opportunity that I never would have found if I hadn’t typed in those words.


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I had become a complete skeptic and very cynical about the internet and YOU SHOULD BE SKEPTICAL OF EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET! The ONLY reason I even entertained signing up was because it was FREE. Any website that is willing to let you try it first seems legit to me. If they are charging you just to look then you know it’s a scam.


Since that day two and a half years ago, I have developed three websites including this one and they are all making me money. I’m not going to tell you that there’s no work involved because that would be a lie. I work on them every day. But, I can work from anywhere and anytime I want to. If I can sleep I work on them. If I’m not busy on the weekend, I work on them.


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This has given me complete freedom to go on vacations, buy the things that I want, and send my kids to private school. I have invested in properties and I’m planning to retire to a nice, tropical place with gorgeous beaches.


Even if you don’t believe any of this, YOU WON’T LOSE A CENT by clicking on that link and signing up. There are hundreds of people online there who will tell you the same thing. They are all happily working on their online businesses and getting help from each other.




Don’t know how to do something? Just ask someone who’s on the activity feed. You may get answers to your questions from one person or several people. What other online learning center can give you that? I’ve never seen one.


Anyway, I just wanted to give you an idea for earning some extra cash for next year’s holidays, and maybe even start a new career.


Cheers!  🙂


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