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Kick Your Boss to the Curb

  Have you ever had a dream or a fantasy about going in to work and telling your boss, “I quit!” Most people have.   Even if your boss is the nicest person in the world…who wants to have a boss, and who wants to be in some boring office?  I sure don’t.  I love working for myself.   I

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Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

    It started for me one day when I realized I just wanted to earn extra money for the holidays and what happened next has completely changed my life.   First off, I want to say that I already had my own business. It was doing okay, but I was pretty much just making ends meet and I could never

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My Experience with Working at Home

Anyone who works at home knows it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There can be a million distractions and temptations to do other things besides working on your business. If you have kids, you may be pulled away to do things with them.   It takes a large amount of focus and determination to be self-employed. Emphasis on determination. If

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What is Affiliate Marketing – A Simple Explanation

How Do People Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is internet advertising that allows any online business to affiliate themselves with website owners (known as affiliates or publishers) using affiliate programs. Affiliates make money by generating leads, sales, and traffic for the merchant’s business. Put simply: an affiliate program allows you to link from your website to products and banners,

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How Do You Make Your Own Website?

  If you search the phrase, “How Do you Make Your Own Website?” you will find hundreds of results in Google or Bing. Give it a try. A lot of them are scams. Some are website hosting sites, and others are videos promising  get-rich-quick schemes. Still others are sites asking for you to give them money for some “fail-proof” money

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How to Start a New Career at 45

  When you’re over 45 it’s much harder to go out on the job market and get a new job than it was when you were 25. Even with all of the experience that we’ve gained as older workers, corporate America tends to discriminate, even if very subtly, against older applicants.   This is just a fact of life that

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Easiest Way to Create a Website that Makes Money

  When looking for ways to make money online, you should be very skeptical of all of the gimmicks and offers to “get rich quick.” There are so many online scams and fake schemes to make money, that it can be extremely overwhelming for people just looking for the best legitimate online business opportunities.   In my opinion, one of the first

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Market Your Website on Pinterest

  Are you wondering how to get people to see your website? Getting website traffic is the most important aspect to creating any online business, blog, or web page. You could pay for advertising, but why not try to get looks for free from people who are already surfing around online?   Using Pinterest is a great way to get exposure for

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Make Money Selling T-shirts Online

We all know there are ways to make money through online businesses, but it’s hard to tell if any of them are really successful. There is something that people of many different groups really like to buy and that’s T-shirts. There are so many designs and phrases that can be put on T-shirts from general statements, to very specific things

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How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Parent

  Not everyone is able to go out and get a job. What if you have small children and you need you to be at home, or if spending money on day care would be just as expensive, or even more than what you could earn? Working outside of the home may not be an option for you, and there

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