My Experience with Working at Home

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Anyone who works at home knows it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There can be a million distractions and temptations to do other things besides working on your business. If you have kids, you may be pulled away to do things with them.


woman working at a computerIt takes a large amount of focus and determination to be self-employed. Emphasis on determination. If you are a determined person and willing to work hard, the sky is the limit. I don’t give up easily and when things get hard it gives me a challenge that I feel I need to overcome.


One of the hardest things about working at home, for me, is the lack of human involvement. There is no one here to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with. Sometimes I think my ideas are good, but that’s just my opinion. Are they really good?


I found something that works for me since I’m here alone all day while the kids are at school, or I’m working here with them around. There’s a community that just happened to fit perfectly with the way I like to work. If I want to be alone with my thoughts and endeavors, I can do that. But, if I need someone to reach out to, just to hear my ideas, there is always someone there…even at night when something may pop into my head that I need help with.


That community is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s really unlike any community I’ve been a part of before. It’s like a combination of Facebook, college, website host, and chat room, all rolled into one.



When I first encountered Wealthy Affiliate, I knew absolutely nothing about building a website, affiliate marketing, buying a domain name, or really anything else about starting an online business. Now I have three websites up and running and have never looked back.


Here is one of my sites that I am extremely proud of:


bleachers at a baseball gameThis website was born out of a love for being a part of my sons’ baseball lives and all of the things that surround that life. There are millions of enthusiastic sports parents just like me who can relate to the same joys and struggles and it has given me an outlet to talk about it and also an income, especially through affiliates like the affiliate program,, and other big retailers.


My other website came out of the business that I’ve been self-employed with for over 20 years. The lighting business has been very good to me and has allowed me to have this wonderful opportunity to work for myself, but it’s time for me to branch out to other ventures.


antique LED light bulbI started the website to be able to continue working in an area with which I have a lot of experience. I still wanted to help people with lighting needs and information, but not in the same capacity that I had been. Working online has offered me a lot of freedom to do my other websites and be more creative. I recently sold the LED Lighting website in order to focus on my other two.


And the website you are currently on allows me to talk about my experiences with working online and reach out to people who may have questions on building websites, creating an online business, starting an affiliate marketing business, or other online ventures. I have learned to love writing and doing short blogs helps me to release things from my brain that can get stuck there.



uncover the secrets of making money onlineWealthy Affiliate might not be for everyone, but it is working for millions of members who go there whenever they want to work on their websites, bounce ideas off of other people, get help with technical questions, buy domain names, etc. It’s a one-stop-shop for starting an online business with training, teachers, mentors, colleagues and friends.


According to an article at Forbes, there are steps you can follow to create an affiliate marketing website that can lead you to success if you are willing to work hard and put the time in. These steps are all things that are covered at Wealthy Affiliate, through videos, training classes, live webinars, and help from the online members.


The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can try a free membership. If it’s not for you, then there’s nothing lost…just a little of your time. But if you do like it, it can launch you toward financial independence and freedom to work for yourself.


Take a look at everything that’s available there.

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