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trafficAre you wondering how to get people to see your website? Getting website traffic is the most important aspect to creating any online business, blog, or web page. You could pay for advertising, but why not try to get looks for free from people who are already surfing around online?

Using Pinterest is a great way to get exposure for your website, pages, or products on your website. Millions of people browse through Pinterest every day looking for interesting photos, recipes, clothing, home decorating, and many other topics.

The best way to use Pinterest to promote a website is to sign up as a business. You probably have an email account you use for your website, so use that email address to open an account. After you enter it and choose a password, select “continue as a business”. This will give you some great tracking options to be able to see how your profile is doing.


There is an “Analytics” button at the top that you can click on to see how many viewers have looked at your page and which “pins” are the most popular.

Pins are the actual pictures that you post on your profile that can link to your website or to products that you have set up for affiliate marketing. By using affiliate marketing links, you can drive traffic to actual products through sites like Amazon, eBay, or thousands of other online retailers that will pay you a commission for products that are sold through clicks from your web pages.

Make sure you have your Pinterest profile name set to something that is the same or similar to your website. That makes it look like it’s part of your business. Once you have your profile set up, you want to create some “boards” that have the pins on them. Think of a board like a bulletin board that you have things pinned to.

baseball glove with baseballEach board can contain a subset of things on your website. For example, my Pinterest profile BaseballMomStuff has several boards for things that I have on my website. I have a general BaseballMomStuff board, and boards for Baseball Blogs, Baseball Mom Recipes, Baseball and Softball T-shirts, Baseball Art, Baseball Jewelry, etc.

Within each board, you can put individual pictures or “pins” of items that when clicked on, link to either your website, or to a product that you can get commission on. You will have to get these affiliate marketing products set up through one of the many companies first, and then they will give you links to attach to your pictures.

sport brella smallerIf you go to my Pinterest page and click on any of the “Pins” within my “Boards”, they will take you to either a page on my website, or to a link such as an Amazon product, like the shade umbrella that’s pictured here, or even to a link to a T-shirt that I’m marketing. 

Pinterest, along with with other social marketing sites can be the best way to get traffic on your website. And it’s free to use to set up all of the basic things you need to create your profile. You can even take it a step further and buy advertising on Pinterest to get even more traffic.

If you are interested in learning more about setting up a website and getting all of the tools, training, and hosting in one place, you may want to visit the website Wealthy Affiliate. This is the site I used to learn everything I needed to create my websites and to learn how to set up affiliate marketing.

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