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success doesn't come to you, you go to it

When looking for ways to make money online, you should be very skeptical of all of the gimmicks and offers to “get rich quick.” There are so many online scams and fake schemes to make money, that it can be extremely overwhelming for people just looking for the best legitimate online business opportunities.

In my opinion, one of the first things to look out for is any offer that is asking for money upfront.

no-scamsThat is a dead giveaway for a scam. Unique strategies for building wealth are very hard to find, and many of them will steal your money and leave you broke.

Last year, I just happened to stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate by chance, and was surprised to find that it was not asking me for any money to check it out. What intrigued me about the site was that there were thousands of people on it and it reminded me of Facebook. I really liked the idea of a community of people offering help and bouncing ideas off of each other.

I have personally seen many website development sites that claim you can start a website and make money, but they never seem to work because they don’t show you how to do it. Most of these types of website hosting sites are for people who already have a business idea and need to set up their website and have it hosted.

But what about those of us who need internet business ideas for beginners? Where can you go for the most successful online business ideas?

Wealthy Affiliate is a very unique company. It’s kind of like an online college, a website host, and Facebook all-in-one.

Check out what the activity dashboard looks like when you log in:

WA activity dashboard

As you scroll through your feed, you can see who is online and what they are looking for. At any time you can jump in with your own questions or feedback. It’s a great way to get help when you are setting up your website and have specific questions.

working from anywhereWealthy Affiliate also teaches you how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to have your own product that you have to ship out. All you need is a niche, or idea and then you build your website around that idea. You then put links in your site to different advertisements or products on sites like Amazon, Ebay, Target…just to name a few of the thousands of companies that offer affiliate marketing programs for their websites. And you can work anywhere!

There is really a lot more on the WA site, and I can show you more information on my other page here:

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program?

The best thing about WA is that it’s FREE to get started and there is no obligation if you don’t want to continue. There is also a month-to-month option so you can cancel at any time.

I would highly recommend signing up for your FREE membership and just taking a tour of the site. There are FREE training tutorials that you can view which will give you an idea of what is involved in getting started with your online business. And they will even help you in coming up with ideas for your niche.

And if you still don’t believe me, you can ask the thousands of people who are signed up and using the program every day. When you sign up for your FREE account you will even get live help to get started, for a full seven days.

Give it a try FREE!

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