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SunFrogShirts-Full-Logo-300We all know there are ways to make money through online businesses, but it’s hard to tell if any of them are really successful. There is something that people of many different groups really like to buy and that’s T-shirts.

There are so many designs and phrases that can be put on T-shirts from general statements, to very specific things for groups like nurses or teachers.

Design your own shirts


If you can come up with a few of your own designs and you have any skills with Photoshop, you can easily make your own online store in minutes and sell T-shirts that are printed and shipped by another company. All you do is collect the money.

Make money from other people’s designs


And, if you’re not good at Photoshop you can still set up your own store and choose from hundreds of shirt designs made by other people and set up different shirt collections within your store. All you have to do is market them.

Market your shirts on social media sites


This is where Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest come in. Facebook has a very inexpensive advertising program to get you started and it allows you to direct your advertising to specific groups. You can run an ad for as little as $5.00 a day. Twitter and Pinterest can be used to display your shirts and the links to your collections.

Here is the link to one of my T-Shirt collections at


As you can see, I have a collection of T-shirts based on Baseball which is an interest of mine. Most of the T-shirts were designed by others and I’ve added a few of my own designs as well. This is a sample of a really simple design I made in very little time at all:

i love baseball 6 inch final shirt mockup mens dark gray

I made this one in a couple of hours and I’m not really that good with Photoshop. I’ve actually become much better by practicing with it and I’ve done one seen here that’s a little more complex:

i have no life white text ladies navy blue mockupAnything can be on a T-shirt


The designs and ideas you can come up with are endless. How about the topic of fishing? Or cats? Or construction workers? Any profession or any interest can be used to make fun or interesting shirts.

Use their T-shirt designer


And if you don’t have Photoshop or another program to make the designs, has a T-Shirt designer that you can use to make them. Just click on my link and then navigate to the bottom and click on “Affiliate Signup” to get started. It doesn’t cost anything and you can start earning right away.


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