How to Start a New Career at 45



When you’re over 45 it’s much harder to go out on the job market and get a new job than it was when you were 25. Even with all of the experience that we’ve gained as older workers, corporate America tends to discriminate, even if very subtly, against older applicants.


This is just a fact of life that we all have to deal with as we age. You might be just hitting your stride in your career and able to keep moving up the ladder in your current field, but what if you need to find a job in a new area and you’re hitting some dead ends?


ideasThere are ways to start over in a new field doing something you haven’t done before. You may have already tried coming up with ideas for how to be your own boss working from home. There are so many “stories” and testimonials from people claiming to make hundreds of dollars a day online, but these are very hard to believe.


Something you may be interested in trying is building websites that make extra money. You may even be able to do this in your spare time and keep your current job, but it could also turn into a permanent career. This is something I’ve been doing over the last year and I’m starting to have good success.


In fact, the website you are on and the two other websites that I maintain have started to make money for me and I plan on doing this full-time in the near future. Notice the ads that are placed around this page? Those ads are how I make money with my websites. When viewers click on those ads, I make money either by them just clicking on them or if they buy something.


Here is an example of one of my websites:



This website is my place to blog about things related to being a baseball parent, and make product recommendations based on my experience. If you take a look around the website, you will see ads that are placed to the left and right, and also in the body of some of the posts I write. I do a considerable amount of advertising for because they tend to have the most visitors of any online retailer, and I make commissions on sales that are made through my links. There are hundreds of other companies that offer affiliate marketing opportunities just like Amazon does. 



This is just a sample of one idea for a website. There are hundreds of topics you could build a website about from recipes, to pets, to cars, to photography. You may just like writing and are interested in starting a blog about staying healthy or politics. The number of things you could do are endless.


So, how do you get started with your new website? That can be the most intimidating part. I wanted to do it for years before I started mine, but I just didn’t know where to go. Then I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate.


woman-working-at-nightThe thing I really liked about Wealthy Affiliate from my first few minutes on the site was that it was free to try. Once I signed up I took some time to look around the site to see what they have to offer there, and found that it was very easy to use. I was able to learn some things that very first day that I wasn’t even aware of as far as website building and hosting.


Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect place for a beginner to learn how to build a website and incorporate money-making techniques into it. It starts at a very basic level with step-by-step instructions starting with picking an idea for the website, choosing a domain name, setting up affiliate marketing accounts, and a lot more. I’m no computer expert and I found it very easy to follow and there were people there to help me along the way. There is also a wealth of information available for you to search online to assist you.


In summary, the ease of use, the fact that it’s free to sign up, and the help that’s available to it’s members, all make Wealthy Affiliate the best place to start your own website and become an independent earner. I would give it a A rating compared to the other online opportunities I’ve come across, especially for an older person who may not have the time or patience to research and figure out all of the steps required, and I would highly recommend checking it out.


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